Different model of BTE type hearing aid below:




Fast P




Motion Primex BTE

Motion 7 Px BTE

Motion 5 Px BTE

Motion 3 Px BTE

Motion 2 Px BTE

Motion 1 Px BTE

Intuis 3

Intuis  3 P BTE

Intuis  3 SP BTE

Intuis 2

Intuis  2 P BTE

Intuis  2 SP BTE

Behind The Ear (BTE):

Behind the ear style hearing aids are a lot sleeker and slimmer than they used to be giving you a very comfortable fit and quality sound. The microphone element is the part that sits behind the ear and the receiver is connected via a thin, clear tube that is placed inside the ear that means the sounds around you.

Housed in a small curved case that fits discreetly behind the ear, BTE hearing aids are connected via a clear, thin tube to a custom made ear mould for a perfect fit. With easy-to-access controls BTE aids are ideal for users with deftness problems.

The Behind-the-Ear style or BTE, is one of the most useful hearing aids available. They help nearly all types of hearing loss.  So it can come in a Super Power model for maximum amplification. Depending on the severity and configuration of the hearing loss, most BTE styles can come with either a comfortable, custom ear mould or with a ground that fits within the ear canal.

We offer variety of BTE models for all levels of hearing loss. The optimum solutions for customers who are at comfort with their hearing aids. First of all it is prefer a high level of wearing & handling comfort. BTE devices are available in various sizes and styles. Depending on the required battery power, you can choose a mini or super-powered hearing aid. Finally, we are ready to give the best service BTE hearing aids in Bangladesh.


  • Variety of colour options available

  • For moderate to severe hearing loss

  • Easy-to-use buttons or dials

  • Modest design